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English In motion 1

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Unit 1 - Favourites

Students can learn more about the Maori Culture and New Zealand in the context of a journey round New Zealand. They can watch videos and post some comments on the blog.

Unit 2 - My Family

Students can learn more about different cultures, cities and countries all over the world. Slides with captions and photographs make of this a very eye-catching site.

Unit 3 - 24/7

This specific Learning Link for Unit 3 is perfect to review how to write the dates in both British and American English. With these exercises students can also review ordinal numbers, the days of the week and the months of the year.
There are arrows at the top of the page to jump from one exercise to the next one. Scores are also given.

Unit 4 - School days

Students have read about cyclists in the unit. On this page you can encourage them to read more about safety, cycling and health.

Unit 5 - Right now

Students who are interested in knowing more about satellites can find a lot of information on this page: What satellites are, what they do, facts about their orbits and much more.

Unit 6 - Time and place

With this link, students can review prepositions of place with a simple recognition game. Students can repeat it as many times as they want to get all the answers right.

Unit 7 - Idols

The Learning Link for Unit 7 offers several interactive games to practise different grammar points. Click on past tense to play basketball while you review the main grammar structure from unit 7 and get ready for unit 8.

Unit 8 - Dear Diary

This website offers two stories to practise Reading comprehension. The comprehension includes a text with multiple choice questions.
Next, students have to recreate the story by choosing from different possibilities.
Finally, there is a gap-filling exercise based on the same text with verbs in the past.
This is an excellent opportunity to review past verb forms too.

  • To start, choose story 2 “Two sisters and the cat
  • Choose Reading comprehension and answer the questions about the text.
  • When you have finished, click on “Continue with the next exercise” at the
    bottom of the page.
  • Do the same for the last exercise which is a gap fill.
  • Proceed the same way if you wish to do the story 1.

Unit 9 - Home and away

The Learning Link for Unit 9 is perfect as a wrap-up activity.
Students can start by choosing quizzes 112 and 113 to get extra practice on the ‘Going to' forms. These are a couple of exercises that focus on choosing either is / are to complete the sentences, which is really basic. Later students can choose from the array of other quizzes to practise what they have been learning all throughout the year.

  • Quiz 11 (am, is, are)
  • Quizzes 137, 138 (irregular verbs)
  • Quiz 274 (plurals)
  • Quiz 71 (do, did)
  • Quiz 83 (everyday activities)