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English In motion 4

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Unit 1 - Performing arts

The Brit Performing Arts School is a website that students may feel like looking into after having read the text in unit 1 from their course book.
Students can focus their attention on dance, media, music or theatre and read the
various sections for each area.

Unit 2 - Looking back

On this website, students can read through a list of signs that tell if a house is haunted.
As they go down the list, they can decide which signs make the most sense. Positive and negative imperatives are addressed.
As it is a wiki, students can edit the content and add their own contributions.

Unit 3 - On the road

This is the right Learning Link for students to review all the verb tenses they have covered so far. This will give them the solid foundations to move forward with the rest of the units.
When on the page, choose Verb Tenses from the menu on the left. When you get to the page, it is advisable that students start with exercises 5 and 6. Exercises 1 to 4 can
be practical too.

Unit 4 - Persuasion

Unit 4 focuses on the theme of shops and shopping. Students can use this website to continue learning common expressions used when buying different items and expressing your opinion.
The Learning Link takes you right to the exercise itself, so it is very easy to follow the instructions.
Students can decide to listen with the transcript displayed on the screen if they find the exercise too difficult to understand. They can also use the transcript for self-correction. Remember this website offers a wide range of listening and video activities worth coming back to.

Unit 5 - Identity

This is a unique and original way to explore the FBI website.
This Learning Link is specifically designed for teenagers. It has got games, information on Internet safety and much more.
A day in the Life of… Students can read about the daily routines of FBI agents.
FBI investigates offers present day ongoing investigations about spying or strange phenomena.

Unit 6 - Connect

In this website, students can find activities and quizzes through games that can help them reinforce their writing.
It is recommended that students start with the first section ‘Argument' as this matches what they have been practising in this unit in their course book.
It is at the teachers' discretion to choose another topic from the list.

Unit 7 - Get personal

On this website, students can fully practise and review several grammar points.
Choose Pre-Intermediate level to practise the Zero and First conditional and Should. Choose Intermediate for the Second Conditional.

Unit 8 - Wonders

This is an amazing website belonging to Manythings.org. There is a list of vocabulary topics in bold type which is then broken down into minor sub lists. Students can choose a topic and a sub list, for example: Buildings - Buildings in the city.
When in Buildings in the city, there is a word list for which the students can choose the type of interactive game they would like to play such as bones hangman, guess the word, flashcards, etc. There are many different entertaining ways to practise.

Unit 9 - The front page

This Learning link is an online newspaper for teenagers, written by teenagers with gossip, music, fashion, etc. A fun and entertaining way for reading practice.
Students can look through the different sections of this online newspaper and identify them.