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English In motion 4 Course Components


Student's Book

Student's Book: Vocabulary sample pages Student's Book: Reading - Grammar sample pages Student's Book: Vocabulary - Listening - Grammar sample pages Student's Book: CLIL  - English You Need sample pages Student's Book: Writing sample pages Student's Book: Review sample pages Student's Book: Grammar Reference sample pages

The Student's Book is divided into a Welcome unit, nine main units, three review units and a reference section. The main units are presented in blocks of three units, followed by a review unit.

Main Units
  • Vocabulary – Each unit starts with a vocabulary page. This presents 8–12 words or expressions related to the unit's theme. Practice activities, including listening and repeating, help these to become part of students' active vocabulary.
  • Reading – The reading page starts with a warmer to activate students' knowledge of the topic and generate interest. Students then read a text, with the option of listening on the Class CD. The texts reflect a variety of text types that students could meet outside the classroom and exemplify some of the new vocabulary.
  • Grammar – The first grammar page presents the grammar that students have been exposed to in the reading text. A full explanation of each grammar point is included in the Grammar Reference at the back of the book, and at the beginning of each unit in the Workbook.

    In Pronunciation students practise recognizing and producing important sounds in English and develop an awareness of stress, rhythm and intonation.

    The final Go 4 it! involves a fun speaking task, which develops students' fluency in the new grammar points.

  • The second Vocabulary page introduces a further 8–12 words or expressions which prepare students for the listening activities.
  • In the Listening section, students learn how to go about understanding a range of different spoken texts, from informal conversations to radio programmes.
  • The second Grammar page focuses on grammar that students have been exposed to in the listening activities.
  • Culture: CLIL objectives - Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) is the main focus of the Culture page. This page presents cross-curricular themes of special interest to the age group. The themes on these pages can be extended with the CLIL worksheets in the Teacher's All-in-one Book or in the CLIL section of the Student's Multi-ROM.
  • English You Need - The English You Need page presents functional language that students will need in specific situations, such as helping a tourist or talking on the phone.
    Comprehension exercises are followed by a Quest that encourages students to research the topic in greater depth, using reference books, the Internet or the course website.
  • Writing - Writing is broken down into clear steps. After an oral warmer, students read a model text, which recycles grammar and vocabulary from the unit.
  • Review units - These units present a new theme so that students have a context in which to revise and consolidate the language covered in the previous three units.
  • Grammar Reference - This short reference section includes tables, explanations and example sentences. The full grammar reference can be found in the Workbook, at the beginning of each unit.
  • Word List - Here students can consult the phonetic transcription and translation of words from the Student's Book.


Workbook Reference section sample pages Workbook Practice sample pages

The Workbook allows students to practise the Student's Book syllabus and study independently. It can also be used in class. Units are helpfully divided into a colour reference section followed by practice exercises.

  • Reference section - Each unit begins with a grammar reference. This includes tables, explanations, example sentences and practice exercises for each point. Students can use this section to revise for tests, as the answers to the exercises can be found at the back of the book.
  • Practice exercises - In each unit, the reference section is followed by practice exercises. The exercises cover the Student's Book material in the following order:

    • the first vocabulary set
    • the first grammar section
    • the second vocabulary set
    • the second grammar section
    • reading
    • English You Need
    • listening
    • dictation
    • writing
    • correction or translation (alternate units)
    • Self check

Student's Multi-ROM (compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux)

Student's Multi-ROM Multi-ROM animated sample: interactive game Multi-ROM animated sample: CLIL activities Multi-ROM animated sample:progress reports

Students can use the Multi-ROM in class or at home. Teachers can also use it in class with an interactive whiteboard (IWB) to work with the course contents in an entertaining and stimulating way. The Student's Multi-ROM includes:

  • Audio tracks for the Workbook listening exercises. These can be reproduced either on a computer or CD-player.
  • Interactive games: Each unit contains two vocabulary activities and two grammar activities, each at two levels of difficulty, which provide further practice of all the Student's Book contents. This helps teachers cater for mixed-ability settings. There is also a pronunciation exercise with recorded answers so that students can check, listen and repeat, consolidating listening and pronunciation skills.
  • CLIL activities: There is a CLIL section for each term to practise listening and reading skills while learning about topics of special interest, related to those on the Culture pages of the Student's Book. The main grammar points and target vocabulary of the term are included in the CLIL texts and dialogues.
  • Progress reports: students can see the results for the Interactive activities that they have completed. These can also be printed and given to the teacher.

My Portfolio

My Porftfolio sample pages

The Portfolio (which can be downloaded from the website) follows the guidelines of the Common European Framework in providing students with the following sections:

  • My Passport: students reflect on how they learn languages.
  • My Biography: students record their progress.
  • My Dossier: students collect examples of their work. They are directed to this section from the Student's Book.


Teacher's Book

Teacher's Book: sample pages
As well as teaching notes, answer keys and transcripts for the Student's Book, this provides ideas for extra activities to cater for mixed-ability classes. It also outlines how the course covers the basic competences. At the back of the book is the answer key for the Workbook.

Class CDs

Class CDs
These contain the audio tracks for all the Student's Book listening activities. They also contain the audio tracks for the CLIL Worksheets in the Teacher's All-in-one Book.

Teacher's All-in-one Book

All-in-one: Mixed-ability worksheets sample pages All-in-one: CLIL sample pages All-in-one: Speaking activities sample pages

This photocopiable resource contains the following sections:

  • Mixed-ability worksheets: vocabulary and grammar reinforcement and extension exercises for weaker and stronger students.
  • CLIL worksheets: reading, listening and writing exercises based on cross-curricular texts.
  • Speaking activities: communicative activities that give students further practice of the functional language presented in the main units.
  • DVD worksheets and teaching notes.
  • DVD transcripts.


Tests sample pages

There are three levels of tests to cater for mixed-ability classes: tests at the same level as the Student's Book – Consolidation, tests below that level – Reinforcement, and tests above that level – Extension. There are tests for each unit, the end of each term, and two end-of-year tests (to cater for re-sits). Tests cover reading, vocabulary, grammar, listening, speaking and writing. The audio for the listening tests is on the Tests CD and in the Teacher's area section on this website.

The Teacher's area on this website provides the tests in Word format so that teachers can edit the tests to their specific needs. Teachers can also find the audio for the listening tests in downloadable mp3 format.


There are two posters per level: an illustrated phonetic chart and a map showing different parts of the English-speaking world.


The DVD for each level extends the topics of each Student's Book unit and revises core language. The news-show format uses two young hosts to present each topic, alongside authentic footage from around the UK, including interviews with a range of young people and experts. Each unit includes a Comprehension check and Grammar check. Students can watch with or without subtitles. Worksheets, teaching notes and transcripts can all be found in the Teacher's All-in-one Book.

E-solutions Pack

E-solutions Pack

English In motion E-solutions pack includes three CD-ROMs:

  • English In motion Digital: an innovative electronic version of the English In motion course components. It integrates all the teaching materials in one CD-ROM. English In motion Digital links every section of every component. It can be used in two different ways:
    • as an interactive guide to prepare lessons.
    • in class with an interactive whiteboard (IWB) to fully exploit
      all the materials.
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  • Student's Multi-ROM

The Student's Multi-ROM and English In motion Digital run on Windows, Linux or Mac operating systems and are compatible with all interactive whiteboard software (IWB).